About us


We are a diverse, passionate group of individuals with a desire to make esch project unique, focusing the centre of our attention on every single detail. We seek to offer with our skills to offer a complete service to cover every need Our aim is to get to know the client, to fully understand the demands, therefore to provide a customized product. The office alongside suppliers and collaborators pride themselves with a knowledge acquired through many years of experience. Every single project carries in its DNA a part of our office. The same applies to both private and public works.


For the architectural side of things we take care of urban planning, architecture and interior design.
The whole thing being of great interest for its simplicity of geometry and its meticolous attention to detail, to finishes and to the use of high quality materials.
The company Edhas pays the utmost attention to the client’s needs, in preparing to share various proposals with great care in the realization of what the client has chosen.
Edhas also deals with matters regarding sustainable energy, especially in consultancy about the new SUPERBONUS 110% procedures.


Whathever your requirements are about your project, we will provide you with an array of our engineering services ensuring that your projecy is completed, within the time frame, respecting the costs, ensuring the quality.
We offer an ample range of technical consulting services to improve your project from start to finish.
We’re able to give, for those who wish to finance a project complete peace of mind with a reliable engineer to monitor, inspect and supervise on your behalf the perfomance and duties of other contractors, keeping in mind, the budget, the deadline given and the quality of the works.
We propose feasible research to ensure your project starts off on the right foot to having a solid foundation studied on your investement decision.
Furthermore with our broad range of competence to detail and basic services, which will provide added value to your project, we’ll supply you with technical documents including applications for approval and permits.
The office is organized in a way to conduct indipendent activity of structural design both in civil and industrial whether new or existing constructions; background experience confirms the office plays an important role in consultantions besides strucutural testing and technical administration.


Edhas proposes a Project Management Service designed to meet the clients needs and the needs of successful bidders of tenders.
A construction Project Manager, apart from having the specific technical competence in his sector, also has to cover various complex roles in having to deal with managing the complete cycle of a project from the initial phase of attending public tenders to the final product for the clients, to define and to control operational, technical, economical and legal aspects, ensuring to respect the contracts deadline, budget and job quality.
In particular the capability to manage the projects costs, and thr subsequent cash flow, that accounts for competence which is absolutely strategic in this type of project, where the capital involved is substancial.
Therefore it requires a great capability to identify and manage the project risks, to mantain high standard affairs in a structured manner with an accurate management of the stakeholders project.
The BIM validation phase in official projects is already in such a format offering the possibility of an initial pre-check to set up, with visible positive aspects regarding resolving project and building problems, management of stock, verification of quantity to optimize time and cost and, not only the overall development of the client’s construction.
The combined management of the project, and the collaborative decisions made through workflow transparency reflects the recent industrial guideline regulations of the public tender sector, preceding in a obliged fashion, highlighting BIM and its distinctive features with the constant approach that always alludes to our business reality.

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